anna moreno 2014
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4th-5th DEC 2014

Lecturing at Art and Research. Shared Methodologies in Artistic Practice
Conference organized by IMARTE, a research group of the University of Barcelona (Spain).

The aim of this symposium is, on the one hand, to address the analysis of the way that art and its position within the society of knowledge is changing, and on the other hand, to influence the transformation of artistic practice as it relates to these new production conditions. We want to create a space of debate for the analysis of the complexities of artistic processes considered as acts of reflection.

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2nd DEC 2014

Screening Select the Right Location
at Me and You and Everyone We Meet
a video program curated by BAR project at Zumzeig cinema in Barcelona.

Me and You and Everyone We Meet is a video program which will take place every Wednesday of each month from October 2014 to January 2015. It explores the main elements that set up subjective production and the working environment, taking it as a space on which reflection is needed in order to generate different readings and possibilities that allow the possibility for new ways of living and organizing to be imagined. Divided into four chapters, the program brings together different moments related with the shift of labor paradigm and other forms of understanding togetherness: modernity and its changes; de-industrialization and outsourcing; cognitive space and immaterial labour, and the role of culture and art; or alternative proposals to live together in the world.

BAR project is an independent, mobile and non-profit organization dedicated to promote artistic exchange through local, national and international residencies and collaborations, and by developing a public program issued from curatorial and research projects.

Zumzeig Cinema is a new independent film-bistro in Barcelona. Zumzeig exhibits works by international and local authors with a personal voice, thus stepping aside from a linear way of thinking, and choosing their program from a selection of a varied range of works chosen for their aesthetic, political, social and philosophical position.

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