anna moreno 2016
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28th FEBRUARY - 1st of MARCH

TO HAPPEN AGAIN (workshop) - University of Barcelona

I am holding a workshop for 2nd year students of the Master Artistic Productions and Research at the University of Barcelona, invited by Eloi Puig and Alicia Vela.
The workshop departs from the idea of reenactment as an approach to nostalgia and the imagination of the future, together with its ideological implications in contemporary society. It is focused on the event as an artistic format, applying a turning point not only spatial and temporal but also bodily and affective. These two sessions will explore the performative capacities of re-making, re-doing and 'happening again', using references from the happenings of the 60s and 70s. We will try to open a critical reaction to a nostalgic vision of the historical which is staged, theatrical and spectacular, reflecting of the nature of something happening again.

4th APRIL - MAY 2017

DISTOPÍA GENERAL - (group show) - Reales Ataranzas (Valencia,SP)
Curated by: Johanna Caplliure
With: Basma Alsharif, Xavier Arenós, Tania Blanco, Regina De Miguel, Ignacio García Sánchez, Maha Maamoun, Amanda Moreno, Anna Moreno and Fernando Renes.
More info here

APRIL - MAY 2017

THE DROWNED GIANT (residency) - CA2M & La Casa Encendida

Residency at CA2M and La Casa Encendida (Madrid) to develop the research part of my new project The Drowned Giant. Supported by Stroom Den Haag
More info soon.

31st of MAY - 23rd JULY 2017


On the 31st of May there will be the opening of the show 'En los cantos nos diluímos' curated by María Montero in La Sala de Arte Joven (Madrid). It is a group show based on events and María invited me, together with Leonor Serrano Rivas, Paloma Polo, Cristina Blanco and María Mallo, to develop a new work for it. My event will take place on the 7th of June and will be the culmination of my project The Drowned Giant.
More info soon.


BEEHAVE - FUNDACIÓ MIRÓ (commission and show)

I am part of a research project called BEEHAVE, initiated by the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, that will culminate in a series of public interventions with living bees and a show at the Foundation in 2018.
More info soon.