anna moreno 2016
Creative Commons License

8. Don't Get Above your Business

Lightbox 20 x 30 cm
Poster 236 x 150 cm

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon is a community arts centre in an industrial area of southern Seoul (Korea). During my residency there, I had Barnum’s sentence translated into Korean, to be painted on the rooftop of the centre’s warehouse. The sentence would be visible from the airplanes landing or departing from the nearby Incheon airport, or from the typically Korean tall apartment buildings. 'Don't get above your business' is as well the first commandment in Korean business-making. An accident during the painting of the rooftop prevented me to finish the painting. Instead, I had to be taken to the hospital. The moment was captured by a collaborator with her camera. The unfinished photograph of the painting (poster) and the one of the accident (light-box) compose this accidental version of the work. The text below the poster reads the autobiographical story behind the work.