anna moreno 2016
Creative Commons License


April Rose, Dusky Lady of the Mountain

Video 8'34''
Poster 60 x 40

In Oropa's Sanctuary (Biella, Italy) there is one of the multiple black virgins existing in the world. Oropa's black Madonna's parallelism with the Virgin of Montserrat in Catalonia draught me to use El Virolai - a canticle dedicated to the Virgin and a nationalist Catalan symbol - as a linking element in a racial, nationalist and religious relationship. Refusing, thus, the usual and politically correct discourse that surrounds these concepts. Collaboration with a local Gospel choir, who sang the song in the Madonna Nera's Basilica in Oropa, during a mass.

Work developed during a residency in Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella (Italy) in collaboration with Hangar Production Center (Barcelona). Very special thanks to the Biella Gospel Choir.

Performance photos by Alexandrija Ajdukovic