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Location: W139 (Warmoestraat 139, Amsterdam). As the closing event of the symposium Event in Political and Artistic Practice More info on the symposium: HERE
Date: 28th of March 2013

Hosted by W139, this second edition of Radical Colophon was closing event of the conference Event in Political and Artistic Practice that took place from the 26th until the 28th of March 2013 in the theater of the University of Amsterdam. This conference, hosted by ASCA/IAPS and organized by Margaret Tali, Eva Fotiadi and Thijs Witty, included speakers such as Alan Badiou, Oliver Marchart or the collective Claire Fontaine among others.

Departing from the specific context of W139, an ex-squat currently dealing with the funding cuts, Radical Colophon addressed the issues of collaboration and collectivity in an atypical debate structure. The Dutch artist Frank Mandersloot was invited to create a specific insert for the design of the space. He lend a series of chairs from his own studio, which ranged from regular chairs to design icons. Some of them belonged to one of his artworks, based on George Brechts’ event score THREE CHAIR EVENTS. Sitting on a black chair Occurrence / Yellow chair (Occurrence.) / On (or near) a white chair. Occurrence / Spring, 1961, a small card from Brechts’ Wateryam, first published in 1964. Following with the idea of the score, all participants were given three instructions on which they had to base their contribution to the event: It should last 15 minutes, nothing could be digitally projected and their participation could not be a monologue. The artist Kosta Tonev contributed to the setting by displaying his work Fall '89, a limited edition fabric that was on sale during the event.

Maria Pask (artist, NL)
Janos Sugar (artist, HU)
Caetano Carvalho (artist, PT)
Joost Nieuwenburg (Walden Affairs artist-run space, NL)
Elske Rosenfeld (artist, D/AU)

Frank Mandersloot (artist, NL)
Kosta Tonev (artist, BG)

Photos by Manus Swaney