anna moreno 2016
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Location: Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (Seoul, Korea)

At Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, I designed a debate space in collaboration with the designer Erdem Selek. I built a series of tables to accommodate the debates, which took place during SASG 3rd annual exhibition, in the reception area of the exhibition space. They were made of blue corrugated plastic, used by homeless and street vendors in Seoul. The exhibition, called 'Continuous Art, Impossible Community', dealt with the constant struggle of the art center to engage both artists and neighbors in their program. I invited artists, collectives and other professionals to participate in two open debates on their own experiences in being in an ambiguous position between art and socio-political activism, and to share strategies that they used in the process of exhibiting their works. The logos were displayed in the form of flags, made with Korean silk and sprayed with stencils in golden color.

Kim Hee-Young (Manager of Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON)
OKIN Collective (artist collective, Seoul)
Listen to the City (activists, Seoul)
Jyu Hye Kim (anthropologist and queer activist, Seoul)
Superfishes! (artist collective, Israel and Korea)
C. Derick Varn (poet, USA)

Erdem Selek (designer, Turkey)

Photos by Nicolas Manenti