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About - Radical Colophon

Series of events

Radical Colophon is an event dealing with radical aesthetics. It consists of a constantly changing space, designed specifically for the occasion, in a close relationship with the context where it takes place. Using diverse performative approaches, it intends to trigger a debate, with a number of selected guests, on the notion of radical aesthetics and activism. So far, three editions of the project have been completed, organizing events in San Francisco (USA, Seoul (KR) and Amsterdam (NL).

Considering the actual context of economic crisis, the urge for direct and effective change is reforming what we expect from radical or socially engaged practices. The decision to locate these practices in an artistic context is a political decision, and has both ethical and aesthetic consequences. This project establishes a dialogue in which these consequences, specially the aesthetic ones and the ideological reasons why they are usually undermined, are discussed with all the parties implied.

In contemporary artistic, media and philosophical discourses the notion of the 'event' has gained considerable currency. Since the 1990s the event has been central to a range of performative, media-based, socially and politically engaged artists' work, as well as in artists' involvement in/with non-artistic projects and practices ranging from political protest to scientific research. The growth of interest towards the potentials of art openly working with reception and/or participation as its methods has also lead to institutional commissions of this type of artistic work. For the institutions event-based art has triggered entirely new questions about the documentation and preservation of artistic practices.
Symposium 'Event in Artistic and Political Practices (ASCA/IAPS Amsterdam, 2012). Radical Colophon was the closing event of this conference.

Radical Colophon draws on this paradigmatic context using the following methodology: All the aesthetic and formal decisions taken regarding the appearance of the space are coherent with the topics chosen for the debates, becoming thus the space a statement symbolic to the whole event. The space chosen and shaped according to the context, is designed in collaboration with some other professionals. The furniture used by the guests is conceived specifically for the event, being either designed and built -like in Seoul, or borrowed -like in Amsterdam. There is a constant element in each edition, which can also take different shapes: a series of five logos designed after analysing a wide variety of logos (from entities related such as political parties, associations, groups, bands, etc) distinguishing five formal categories. The logos function as a physical element which is symbolic to the whole project. The surface chosen to present them depends on the location and the design of every edition.