anna moreno 2016
Creative Commons License


Video installation
19'51'' video PAL 4:3

Ce sera toujours à recommencer (It will always begin again,) is borrowed from The Torture Garden, a novel from 1899 by French writer Octave Mirbeau. The video is a recording of an event organised by myself under the Pier at the beach of Scheveningen (The Hague, NL) during the new moon on the 1st of September 2016, after the invitation by Sara Pape to participate in the series of beach events and exhibition CAPITALOCEAN at W139 (Amsterdam, NL). After that, the work has been exhibited in Distopia General, a group show curated by Johanna Caplliure for Las Reales Atarazanas (Valencia, SP).

During the event, the audience was introduced to a fiction: we were a group of survivors of the apocalypse, partly amnesiac and hopelessly waiting for the sea-sparkle (the unpredictable phenomenon of the appearance of bio-luminiscent plancton on the sea surface). The only instruction given to the audience was to remain within this narrative at all times.
The event was published in social media. All characters appearing in the video are not actors and were freely improvising, except for Daan Gerla, a scientist who previously agreed to present his double-pendulum device (also within my fictional context).

The video is projected onto 8 beach cloths sewn together in two pieces that contain art-déco motives and the sentence "Ce sera toujours à recommecer" written in fluorescent paint.

Camera: Anne Fehres
Sound: Dario Giustarini