anna moreno 2016
Creative Commons License

Deep Play

Lecture performance 20'
Re-constructed Delftware 22x8x6 cm

As an AiR at Wander (The Hague, The Netherlands) I was invited, together with artists Anne Breure and Kosta Tonev, to participate in the seminar 'Shifting AiR Strategies' that took place in Delft (NL) on December 2013. The seminar was organized by Transartists, CreArt, Wander, id11 and Satellietgroep. We worked on the topics of tourism and the international artist, and developed three independent lecture performances.

My proposal, Deep Play, was a life streaming lecture on tourist pleasure, replicas and authenticity that included analog 3D anaglyphs. At the end of the lecture, I gave a demonstration on how to identify and distinguish authentic Dutch Delftware from fake replicas, showing a live example of each, and proceeding to crashing them to demonstrate the differences in the cracks. After the lecture, I re-constructed a vase containing the pieces of both the authentic and the fake porcelains.