anna moreno 2016
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Deface the Currency

Lecture performance (variable duration)

This lecture performance followed an invitation by Nat Muller to take part in Breaking the Bank, an event series that took place during the exhibition 'The Value of Nothing' at TENT Rotterdam (NL). More info here

In 'Deface the Currency' a lecture was split in three different moments and delivered by three different actresses. The lecture itself addressed three different moments: Three stories around the exile of Diogenes and the foundation of Cynicism; three political moments in the US between 2002 and 2011 dealing with enthusiasm, awareness and rescue; and finally three events around sports and politics around the year 3000.

To have this information delivered, the audience used the three coins that they received after paying the entrance fee. Or they did not, and just sneaked in, keeping the three coins as a memento.