anna moreno 2016
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Series of events / Collection of tapes (in process)
Lost Generation is the live recording of the deliberations of a commission created to generate a possible audio legacy for a group of selected survivors facing the imminent end of the world.

1st tape
Recorded in: March 2016 at Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona, SP)
Private event with agents from the cultural sector in Barcelona.

PODCAST (in Spanish) available in Radio-Bib-Rambla, a project by Juan Jesús Torres and Pablo Barreda for the Centro José Guerrero (Granada, SP).

2nd tape
Recorded in: May 21st 2016 20:00 - 21:30 at the Blueproject Foundation (Barcelona, SP)
Live event around one of the tables of my solo show "D'ahir d'abans d'ahir..." at the Blueproject Foundation, built in collaboration with Adrià de Luna Llopis, Albert València López and Elías Casanovas Adrián, architecture students.

Participants: Sergi Botella (artist), Vicenç Molina (collaborator at Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation and professor of ethics at the UB) and Elisabet Roselló (cultural analyst, specializing in digital culture and futures).
PODCAST available soon.