anna moreno 2016
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February 2016
HIAP Project Space
Helsinki, FI

As a first episode of a trilogy, The whole world will be singing functions as a scenario to be activated by professional folk singers during an event at HIAP’s Project Space.

Tero Pajunen, Noora Kauppila, Sonja Korkman and Elena Hoppipolla are confronted for the first time with the lyrics of a song without melody. They need to negotiate to find the most adequate melody and rhythm for the song, which is written in the form of an epic poem, a foundational myth based in ‘Venus Smiles’ the short futuristic story by J.G. Ballard contained in his book Vermillion Sands.

The table and the tablecloth have been constructed with the collaboration of ISKU, a furniture factory and
ProPuu, a woodworkers cooperative from the woodcraft region of Lahti.

The whole world will be singing presents itself as a twisted time-capsule:
From the 70s to the beginning of the 20th century, to a future post-apocalyptic reality, the display borrows
aspects from functionalist design, dystopian futurism and misplaced foundational myths.

My residency at HIAP was supported by Stroom Den Haag.
All photos by HIAP Project Space.

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