anna moreno 2016
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March 2017

A workshop on something happening again, for 2nd year students of the Master Artistic Productions and Research of the University of Barcelona, invited by Eloi Puig and Alicia Vela.

The workshop departs from the idea of reenactment as an approach to nostalgia and the imagination of the future, together with its ideological implications in contemporary society. It is focused on the event as an artistic format, applying a turning point not only spatial and temporal but also bodily and affective. These two sessions will explore the performative capacities of re-making, re-doing and 'happening again', using references from the happenings of the 60s and 70s. The workshop opens a critical reaction to a nostalgic vision of the historical which is staged, theatrical and spectacular, reflecting of the nature of something happening again.

The results of the workshop in Barcelona are two audio tracks that represent the two sides, A and B, of a cassette tape. The first side is the original recording of the discussion and the second one is an attempt to reenact the first one. The dynamics of the discussion were guided by an i-ching session, proposed by one of the participants. A limited collection of tapes will be released soon.

Edition: Xavi Rodríguez Martín